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YOU to join with us as we focus citizen decision makers on retaining democracy and prosperity amidst the transition to a new way of life. The end of the carbon (oil/coal) economy is a development that will impact every aspect of social life, and thus shape our future. It is the leadership of this generation who will determine what kind of a future that will be.

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There is an urgent need to focus on major new projects for the Tampa Bay region to forestall some of the likely effects of the post carbon age over the next century:

  • Building massive new flood control facilities to cope with higher seas on
    the Gulf of Mexico.
  • This includes a huge flood gate at the mouth of Tampa Bay as well as gated barriers at the outflow of the many rivers and streams in the estuary.
  • A suspension on building immense suburbs of sprawl in the area.
  • More concentrated town plans will require high density new structures to
    house and employ people.
  • Limits on population increase formulated in respect of the available natural resources to sustain such a community in accord with human well being.
  • More canals and railroads will be needed to supplement the transportation
    of essential goods as traditional means becomes economically unfeasible.
  • Solar power facilities will need to occupy every roof.
  • Heat retaining gases from all sources must be curbed.

What kind of a world will we be living in?

It is indisputable that the end of the petroleum fuel economy is at hand. Within the forseeable future, the resource and many others will be depleted beyond any hope of recovery at a price that will sustain our traditional rate of usage.

It is indisputable that the loading of the atmosphere with heat retaining gases, including those produced consequent to human activity, is incompatible with the survival of humanity on this planet. This is the most urgent issue we face!

    It is necessary for all intelligent citizens to take notice of these two salient facts and to incorporate them into planning for our common future.     
   At present, it appears that this will mean some very basic modifications to the way we live.
    Ours is the first generation to acknowledge the dangerous natural effects of the new era, and among the last that can do anything about it.
These facts call for us to think imaginatively about our situation, and summon all the creativity and critical thinking we can muster to build a new society; one that will simultaneously enable the maximization of our individual and collective potential, while adapting to the limits imposed upon us by our careless indulgence of past follies. 

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350 PPM* The campaign to limit CO2 levels to a sustainable level before mid century. Present plans still call for levels as high as 420 ppm. Newer research shows that this will cause catastrophic effects on both humanity and the natural environment. The time to begin is now!
*Parts per million of atmospheric gases. The current level is over 400 at present. Learn more

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