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Planners, Workers, Teachers, Environmental Engineers, Homemakers, Geologists, Biologists, Students, Historians, executives, and others from every avenue of life. If you are an expert or scientist, please see this page.
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YOU to join with us as we focus governmental, corporate, and citizen decision makers on retaining democracy and prosperity amidst the transition to a new way of life. The end of the carbon (oil/coal) economy is a development that will impact every aspect of social life, and thus, shape our future. It is the leadership of this generation who will determine what kind of a future that will be.

Leadership roster 2017-18

Matt Cooper, Chief of Research *
Ron Frase,.. ... Ocean Science Advisor
Lucas Hopegood, ...Alternative Power Systems
Dave Kovar, ...New Urbanist
& Transportation
Fredrick O'Keefe, ... Special Projects
Jim Peterson, ..........President
*Sadly, Matt Cooper, one of humanity's true friends,
died on December 1st 2013.

Since October of 2004, when a large group of planners, scientists, and others came together to launch this organization, our purpose has been to create awareness of the important scientific, social, ethical-moral, environmental and practical issues raised by the prospect of a vast change in our way of life. Towards that end, we have prepared a public presentation which we can make available to various groups in our area. Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more on this vital matter.

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Celebrate Pangea (all earth) day. Click here for more details.

Regular meetings
will be reinitiated soon.

~ All are welcome and invited to participate. ~
* TBPCC is not affiliated with any church or religious group

You are invited to join with us to help place this urgent issue at the center of the public agenda.


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