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It is time for citizens to get involved. And it is past times for our governmental bodies to get involved. Learn as much as you can about these issues. Urge your city, county, Florida, and national leadership to do their jobs, and prepare society for the kind of changes we are facing.

Local Environmental resources
One Bay action committee
Tampa Bay Soundings

Hillsborough County PlanningCommission
Going Green Tampa Bay
Tampa area Reforestation
Regional Planing Council
Tampa Bay Conservancy
Tampa Bay Watch
Environment Meet-up

Sierra Club of Tampa
Do it yourself Food!
Urban Oasis Hydroponics for Tampa Bay

Sweetwater Organic Community Farm

More Links on Population

MSNBC article

Wall Street Journal question: “How Do You Get to 7 Billion People?”

New York Times on Population

MSNBC's photo blog on population

Jeffrey D. Sachs, Earth Institute, Columbia University:

video-jeffrey-sachs7 billion actions

Health concerns surrounding population growth:

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Many more links here

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