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Relevant energy news
from around the Bay and beyond

A New Hope...
Pressure Retarded Osmosis
A way of producing electricity that is renewable, inexpensive, clean, and can provide energy on a mass scale.
Click here for information from the American Chemical Society

New sunfree photovoltaics promise a breakthrough in single application efficiency.

South Florida school systems endorse environmental awareness Education.

Barclays Capitol report emphasizes cheap oil is strictly a short term phenomena.

Gulf Oil Crises - Article

Blomberg says President Obama to give high priority to warming and energy issues.

Solar's Time to Shine in Florida Blog

Daytona Paper criticizes legislature for inadequate response to energy needs in recent Edition

Bottled water a wasteful alternative, as the Times runs a comparative analysis, Here

Renewable energy on tap for Florida, according to a recent report on industry Site

Fix it Now Tampa Bay is a fine article in Creative Loafing, the area's alternative newspaper. Written by editor, Wayne Garcia, it gives a concise and excellent overview of some of the essential problems that our area must solve.
Read it Here

Coastal environments turning hostile to role as incubator to sea life according to recent Survey

Ethanol plants are declining in public enthusiasm. More Here

Tampa bay desalination unit on line after extended delays. More Here

State population to increase by 600,000 in 2010 says new UF Paper

Urban sprawl forum addresses growth issues in the Bay area. Details Here

Florida environment overview shows effects of rapid urbanization in this Report
Updated as of 4-13

The Climate Change Bulletin

As of April of 2013, the melting of the artic ice cover is
proceeding with dramatically greater speed.
It is urgent that public support and resources must
be diverted to slow this process down ...Now!
For more information on this, see the bulletin of

The Artic Methane Emergency Group

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Florida Growth Machine runs out of Gas Essay

Our Dependance on Petroleum - Paper

Florida Considers Carbon Control - Blog